Kenya Diaspora Investment Opportunities

With over 16 years in business, we have ensured all our projects have ready title deeds which means you get ownership /title deeds within three weeks of completion of payment and siging of transfer documents
Itrade has individual investment solutions and professional advice through which Kenyans based in the diaspora can access, suited to match your unique financial goals and help you achieve them.
As a Kenyan living abroad, investing back home gives you a sense of fulfilment knowing you have a place to lay your head when you visit home or just the peace of mind that comes with a good investment.
Once you’re amply inspired to actually buy an investment property, reach us to learn how we can help you purchase a prime, affordable plot with a flexible payment plan.
Through digitization, we are able to take you through a virtual tour to your project of your choice to select a suitable location.
Digital technology has made payment from abroad very easy which means one does not need to rely on making payments through a third party.
We guarantee you high returns and value on your investment.

Why Invest With Itrade

  • Our prices are very affordable starting from Kshs. 680,000 only.
  • Our prices are inclusive of title processing fees and legal fees, with no hidden charges.
  • Title deed delivery within 3 weeks upon completion of payment.
  • We offer a flexible instalment payment plan of up to 3 months.
  • When you invest with Itrade, you are assured of reaping capital gains.
  • We have a research team that identifies places with high potential for growth near upcoming infrastructural developments such as highways, bypasses, railways, airports and cities.
  • Our properties are value-added - We ensure we have a perimeter fence, estate gate, internal access roads graded, and electricity installed making your property ready for immediate development.
  • With over 4,100 title deeds issued, you are assured that you are working with a trusted real estate investment partner
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